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Recently I decided to start cataloging all of my aquarium product orders from different companies here on my blog. I want to try and cover the basic information a fellow hobbyist would like to know and provide a fair and unbiased review. happens to be the first company I am writing a review for. 

BuyPetShrimp, which is run by Eric Lucas, has been around the hobby for a while now and is known for selling freshwater aquarium shrimp. Lately, I have noticed them around because of their great pricing on Buce plants and because they sell on eBay (I use eBay a lot). The final straw was when I heard about the ocean blue neocaridina shrimp that they imported. After seeing them in a video I decided to get some for myself.

So here it is. My review of buypetshrimp from order to delivery. Invoice

Website and Ease of Purchase

Let’s start with the website. What are my first impressions? Well, I believe the website is pretty good in general. The products are clearly labeled with decent pictures, and the website is fast. The checkout process is also very smooth and does not require jumping through hoops. I also appreciate that there were no popups and ads.

Was everything perfect? No. The categories are a little overwhelming and at times not intuitive. Some categories have nothing in them as well. 

That’s about it though. Overall, it was a nice experience. receipt

Product Pricing

Pricing is an area where I had a few discrepancies but I was happy with the end result.

The pricing on shrimp was fair in my opinion, with some being a great price. I also think the Buce package is one of the best prices online for what you get. 

I was a little annoyed that the pricing from the website and eBay were different for some of the products. On one you may find it cheaper on eBay and on the other, you may find it cheaper on the website. Also, eBay offers free shipping, and the website has a $199 target for free shipping. 

The pricing difference makes sense because shipping is factored in on the one and not on the other. However, I found the 10+ Buce mixed rhizomes package was more expensive on the website than the 12+ rhizomes on eBay with free shipping.

Overall, I found the price differences minor and was happy with the pricing. For those interested in finding a deal I will also mention that they offer coupon codes for the websites periodically and if you follow their products on eBay, they can offer discounts as well.

Shipping Speed and Quality

Shipping speed and quality were a nice experience overall. Shipping was USPS priority mail, which I have found to be fine for shrimp and plants. The shrimp were packed in breather bags and the plants were in a Ziplock bag. Both were wrapped in newspaper. They did not use a heat pack because it was not needed, and they used loose insulation to keep the temperature from fluctuating too much.

The one negative I found with shipping is that the website does not specify that they ship on Monday through Wednesday or Saturday. I ordered on Wednesday and did not have my package shipped until Monday.  The shipping days are listed on eBay however, just not on the website.

I am totally ok with this practice and understand why it is done. However, for those who do not know, it would be helpful to have it listed on the website.

Oh, and I can’t forget the free candy. It was a nice freebie. packaging rhizome pack

Shrimp and Plants Ordered

The quality of the shrimp and plants that I ordered met my expectations. The plants came in with a few extras and the shrimp looked healthy and active. I also appreciate that they looked like the pictures.

One negative I thought I could mention is that I would have preferred younger shrimp to help them acclimate better. However, I understand some people like to get adult shrimp and I understand that the shrimp I ordered were imported. This would be more of a personal preference.

Customer Service

I have decided to make sure that I test the customer service of the businesses I review. Thankfully, there were no problems with my order from buypetshrimp, so I had to come up with a question to ask them. I decided to ask about the temperature that the shrimp were kept in since I didn’t see it on the website. He sent a quick and helpful response. I suppose the best customer service is not needing customer service, so overall I was happy with the results.

Ocean Blue Neocaridina Shrimp receipt
Thank You Eric


If you are in the market for some freshwater shrimp or Buce plants, then I would certainly recommend giving a try. I was happy with the shrimp and plants that I received and with the overall experience. There will be a link provided to their website below.


The BuyPetShrimp Website

Thanks for reading!

If you would like to order from feel free to use this link or the link below.

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