Zoo Med Can O' Bloodworms

Zoo Med Can O' Bloodworms Review

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I had never really paid attention to the Zoo Med Can O’ Bloodworms in the past. In fact, I hadn’t really even known of the canned form of “live” fish food until relatively recently. But living in an area where it is difficult to acquire frozen food, this seemed like the perfect replacement.

After now trying it, I have discovered that it’s not perfect, but I still like it. My review below will hopefully help you decide whether this food is the right fit for you as well.

This review of Zoo Med Can O’ Bloodworms is from my personal experience as an aquarium hobbyist.

Zoo Med Can O' Bloodworms

Do Fish Like the Food?

The age-old question is, will my fish eat this food? In this case I would have to say… probably. I know it’s not the answer you were probably looking for, but it’s the truth. 

I’ve fed my fish frozen bloodworms for quite a few years now and had great success with it. However, I noticed that when I first fed all of my fish the Zoo Med Can O’ Bloodworms, most didn’t attack it like its frozen counterpart. But, I did notice that they seem to have grown accustomed to it and will now eat it rather quickly. My theory is that the cooked form of the food does not have as much flavor or smell.

All of my fish will now eat it including my guppies, platies, tetras, corydoras, and gourami, to name a few.

Package Sizing and Pricing

The Zoo Med Can O’ Bloodworms is only sold in one size, 3.2oz. This is a little less than a standard sheet of frozen bloodworms, but larger than some cube packs. The cost for one can is about $8, but listed at the end of this review is a three pack from Amazon that brings it to about $6 a can.

Labeled Nutrition Facts
Zoo Med Can O' Bloodworms Nutrition Facts

Ingredient Quality

While I am not a nutrition expert. I do believe that this holds most of the nutrients after being cooked and canned. I am sure that frozen is probably better nutrition-wise. The picture to the left shows its guaranteed analysis and what else is inside.

A key factor to keep in mind with this food is that it has a limited shelf life. While the can is sealed it will last a long time, after opening, it is only good for about one week refrigerated.

You can freeze them after opening to help them last longer. This can be a great option for those with fewer tanks.

Bloodworm Size

Something odd I find with this food is that the worms seem to be smaller than most frozen bloodworms I have fed in the past. There are a few random larger worms scattered throughout. I tend to like this for myself since I generally keep smaller fish.

Opened Can
Don't they look yummy?

The Smell

Yes, this a category of its own. The smell is really bad. For some reason cooking worms and canning it up does not create a pleasant aroma, go figure. Being in the hobby for a while I have smelled some pretty terrible things (like dead snails), but this is up there as one of the worst. Freezing them will probably help.

Zoo Med Can O' Bloodworms

Market Availability

I believe one of the reasons I have never tried this food before is because of poor marketing. Zoo Med isn’t really known for their fish food, but I do believe they have something unique and helpful for most hobbyist.

The food can be found in some shops but is also available on good old Amazon. The link at the end of this page will take you to it and is an affiliate link to help support the blog.

My Final Thoughts

I like it.

The stuff may smell but bloodworms are one of my favorite foods in the hobby. Being without frozen food I believe this is a great second option.

Please note that bloodworms are very high in protein and are not for all fish.

I would even say that bloodworms are not great for a regular diet (for most fish). I would recommend bloodworms as a treat, for getting fish ready to breed, or for fish that are primarily carnivorous. 

Finicky fish can also be won over more easily with bloodworms.

Zoo Med Can O' Bloodworms Top Spoon
The can comes with a cool tiny spoon for feeding.

Where to Purchase Zoo Med Can O' Bloodworms

If you believe this food is something you would like to try, then please consider using the link below to purchase some for yourself. This link is an Amazon Affiliate link and helps to support the blog.

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