Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Food Review

Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Food Review

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This review of Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Food is written from a hobbyist perspective and by someone who has used the food.

Let me start by saying, these pellets are huge. I will go ahead and save you some time looking through my review with this recommendation, if you don’t have a large betta then don’t get the food. If you think this may still be for you then the following review will cover the pros and cons of the food.

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Do Fish Like the Food?

Well, my betta Balky does try to eat the food and has succeeded in doing so. But the pellets are massive, and I was honestly a little afraid of him choking on the pellet after I saw he was not going to give up on eating it. So, does he like the food? I guess.

Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Food Review

Package Sizing and Pricing

Being such a large brand and using the ingredients they do, the Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Food is a little pricey for what you get. The .95 oz container will cost you about $5 which brings the cost to about the same per ounce. You can certainly find some better foods for around the same price.

However, as I like to state in my price reviews on betta foods, the price doesn’t matter as much. Just about any betta food size will last you a long time for one betta.

Pellet Overview

As stated earlier, in my opinion, the size of the pellet is far too large for most betta fish. You will notice in the picture with them next to a dime that the pellets are much larger than some of the others I have reviewed. My betta had such a hard time getting the pellet down that I only fed him the pellet only once. 

The only positives I can find with the pellets are that they are floating and somewhat uniform in their size.

Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Pellets
Pellets Next to a Dime
Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Food Ingredients
Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Food Ingredients

Ingredient Quality

When it comes to ingredients, Aqueon keeps it pretty standard as far as cheap fish foods go. The main protein sources are fish meal, not sure as to its quality, and shrimp meal. Other than these you will primarily find binders and added vitamins to make up for what’s missing.

Will the food keep fish alive and well? Probably. Are there better options in my opinion, yes.

Aqueon Color Enhancing Food vs. Aqueon "Regular" Betta Food

I wanted to briefly cover Aqueon’s claim of this being a color-enhancing food and compare it with the other standard betta food they make. After looking over the ingredients for both foods I would say that I found very minimal difference between the two. 

You have to go pretty far down the ingredients list before actually finding much variability between them. I also would note that I found no real difference as far as color-enhancing ingredients go. In my opinion, the food is simply a marketing ploy. But again, that’s just my opinion.

Something I would like to note for any “color enhancing” food is that most quality foods should help increase the fish’s natural color regardless of any “enhancing” ingredients. There are a few that can help with color like krill for red colors, but overall, most well-balanced foods will help.

Aqueon Standard Betta Foods

Market Availability

Being such a large brand, Aqueon is readily available throughout the US. You can find the food at most large chain pet shops and maybe a few smaller shops. You can also readily find the food online.

My Final Thoughts

If you read the opening to the review then you know my thoughts on the food. Personally, I don’t believe this food is for most betta owners. There are some king betta owners out there and some people who have oddly large bettas. In this case, if you want cheap food that will get the job done I could recommend this food. However, if you have an average size betta or smaller, I would pass on the food.

My current favorite betta food I would recommend is New Life Spectrum’s (small pellet) food. You can check out my review on that if you would like.

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Where to Purchase Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Food

If you believe this food is something you would like to try, feel free to use the link below to purchase some for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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