Tetra BettaMin Flake Medley Review

Tetra BettaMin Flake Medley Review

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This review of Tetra BettaMin Flake Medley is written from a hobbyist perspective and by someone who has used the food personally.

Flakes and betta fish… do they go together? Should they go together? In this review, I cover what I like about Tetra’s BettaMin Flake Medley and what I don’t like. I will give you a hint before reading below, there is a lot I don’t like about the food. With that said, let’s get into it.

Red Betta

Do Fish Like the Food?

My betta Balky seems to enjoy the food that he can get. He will also eat just about anything he can get in his mouth. In feeding him many different foods, I have found that flakes do not seem to interest him as much as pellets, however.

Tetra BettaMin Flake Medley
These Flakes Make a Mess

Package Sizing and Pricing

Tetra has cheap fish foods. Sometimes I appreciate the cost being so low, and sometimes I think you would be better off spending a little more. This is one where I think your money would be better spent elsewhere. My reasons will be found in the below sections.

Running the numbers though, you can find the .81oz jar for only $1.99 on Amazon currently. It is somehow just a little cheaper than their other betta food, the BettaMin Worm Shaped Bites. That is crazy cheap. It almost makes me wonder how they can make it so cheap.

Flakes and Krill

These flakes could almost not be classified as flakes due to their thin and small sizes. They tend to fall apart very easily and can be found almost like a pounder. This is very aggravating when trying to feed a betta fish for multiple reasons.

First, you will need to add a decent number of flakes to feed your betta enough, due to them being small and thin. Secondly, the flakes being so small can be missed by the betta and left alone. Thirdly, the excess flakes get left and turned into waste. Fourthly, the flakes are very hard to portion correctly.

With just these things being said you can see why I don’t like this food much. However, there is one thing that I should also cover, the freeze-dried krill. There are a few krill that are added to the food to create a “medley”. The krill are a fine addition but don’t win me over because of the poor quality of the flakes.

Tetra BettaMin Flake Medley
Tetra BettaMin Flake Medley Ingredients
Tetra BettaMin Flake Medley Ingredients

Ingredient Quality

Ignoring the very few krill in the food and just looking at the flakes, which make up most of the food, I would say the ingredients are fine.

The food contains many of the ingredients you would find in most cheaper foods. This includes fish meal, shrimp meal, and binders. The one ingredient apart from the krill that stood out to me was brine shrimp. I really enjoy brine shrimp for my fish and consider it a quality ingredient.

Market Availability

Tetra has taken over the American market in the cheaper fish food category. Because of this, you can find the food just about anywhere. This includes many stores and online.

My Final Thoughts

Sadly, this is probably one of the first foods that are present for newcomers to the hobby who have just bought a betta. Is it terrible? No. Is it great? No. I believe this food to be too difficult to properly feed correctly due to the flake’s form.

I think the ingredients are fine and I believe this food could work for some people. But I would say this is a pass for most looking to feed their betta. If you want cheap betta food, there are better options out there. 

One thing I also like to note on my betta fish food reviews is that the price is a little difficult to judge. The reason is that if you are looking to only feed one or two bettas, then one container will last you a long time. This means that for a few dollars more you could feed a quality food like New Life Spectrum Betta Pellets, and it can last you for a long time.


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Where to Purchase Tetra BettaMin Flake Medley

If you only have $2 and need to feed your betta fish, then feel free to use the link below to purchase some for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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