Tetra BettaMin Worm Shaped Bites Review

Tetra BettaMin Worm Shaped Bites Review

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This review of Tetra BettaMin Worm Shaped Bites is written from a hobbyist perspective and by someone who has used the food.

Worm-shaped foods have taken the aquarium hobby by storm in the last few years with the popularity of Hikari Vibra Bites. The Tetra company decided to get in on this with their BettaMin worm-shaped bites specifically marketed to feeding betta fish. I have personally been using the food recently and have some thoughts I decided to record below.

Red Betta

Do Fish Like the Food?

Yes, my betta fish Balky seems to really enjoy the food. He attacks it with vigor, but he also attacks most foods a similar way. One of the benefits that is often stated with worm-shaped foods is the fact that it can trigger a more natural feeding response for the fish. This allows some fish that may be finicky when eating dry food to give it a try. I will say that Balky does seem a little more eager about eating the worm-shaped bites than some others.

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Package Sizing and Pricing

This food is cheap. Most Tetra branded foods are though. Currently on Amazon you can get a .98oz container for less than $3. I always like to mention that the price isn’t as important for betta foods because of the fact that something as small as 1oz can last most betta fish a very long time. 

With all this said, I would advise you to check the ingredients section for a bit of an explanation for the cheap price.

Worm Shaped Bites

These worm shaped bites come in a larger variety of shapes and are a bit thicker than their competition, Hikari Vibra Bites. The smaller size is better for bettas who I generally prefer to feed smaller bites. 

Also, the shapes are one of the areas I have a problem with this food. My betta tends to struggle getting some of the shapes down his mouth. But this can be easily avoided by breaking the bites in half. It’s a little extra work but it will still keep some of its work-like shape. Just something to keep in mind if your betta is smaller or struggling.

Hikari Vibra Bites vs. BettaMin Worm Shaped Bites
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Tetra BettaMin Worm Shaped Bites Ingredients
Tetra BettaMin Worm Shaped Bites Ingredients

Ingredient Quality

The ingredients aren’t a selling point for this food sadly. The ingredients are led by the classic fish meal, which can be great if it’s a quality source. Unfortunately, with some foods like this, we can only really look to the price for that answer. After the fish meal you will find binders, cheap proteins, and vitamins to round out the food.

This food will probably keep your fish alive and well in the long run, but I personally like to use foods with a bit better nutrition level.

Market Availability

Tetra foods can be readily found in almost every pet shop in the US. Tetra foods are even found in places like grocery stores and of course can be found online.

My Final Thoughts

This food is not one that I would recommend as a “staple” food for your betta, but I think it can be a fun way to bring some excitement to your feeding schedule. I personally use worm-shaped foods as a treat for my betta Balky.

But looking at the food compared to Hikari Vibra Bites, my opinion is that it is an easy choice to just get the Vibra Bites. Vibra Bites are smaller, more consistent in shape, and have better ingredients, including krill which can be good for red coloration in fish. The only way that BettaMin wins is in price.

In the end, this is just my opinion. If you are a fan of BettaMin worm-shaped bites and your betta is doing well, keep it up. Many of the foods that are on the market will work just fine.

Here is a link to Vibra Bites if you would like to check that review out.

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Where to Purchase Tetra BettaMin Worm Shaped Bites

If you believe this food is something you would like to try, feel free to use the link below to purchase some for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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