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Note: This Hikari Vibra Bites review is from my own personal experience as an aquarium hobbyist.

Hikari is one of the oldest and most popular fish food brands in the world. They have a lot of popular tropical fish foods on the market, including Hikari Micro Wafers, algae wafers, first bites, and their micro pellets to name a few.

Just recently, Hikari came out with the Hikari Vibra Bites. The concept of a small worm shaped food has caught on with hobbyist and has brought about some copycats in the process.

I’ve started to see this food quite a bit and it seems to be popular amongst most hobbyist. This review below is my personal take on the food and how I like to use it.

Hikari Vibra Bites Review

Are my fish a fan of the food?

This is actually a little tricky for me to answer. The simple answer is yes, all of my fish do seem to enjoy this food. The problem I have with this food is actually one of its main selling points, the shape. I find that most of the tropical fish I keep, mainly smaller fish like guppies, cannot get the awkward shape down their throats. However, this food can be a great treat for fish like bettas or other larger tropical fish.

The positive is that the fish seem to really enjoy the taste and will try to get it in their mouths anyways. I find that breaking it up can be helpful for most of my smaller fish. I do realize that this defeats the purpose of the shape and the usefulness of alluring difficult to feed fish. Thankfully the fish I currently have do not need the extra incentive to eat.

Package Sizing and Pricing

Hikari Vibra Bites are fairly priced compared to the quality of the ingredients. They come in about 4 sizes with the 2.57oz one running you about $8 on Amazon (link listed below). Hikari is known for having food that is a little pricier due to having higher quality ingredients. I believe this is perfectly fine and is worth the extra cost.

Hikari Vibra Bites with Dime
Hikari Vibra Bites with Dime

Pellets? Worms? Sticks?

The Vibra Bites can be seen next to a dime here on the left. They are a relatively small “stick-like” food that gives them a wormlike appearance in the water. This seems to be the magic with this food.

It seems to trigger certain fish that enjoy live or frozen food, and may be more difficult to feed. They also sink slowly which gives fish time to “think” about eating it as they wave through the water.

Ingredient Quality

Vibra Bites have some quality ingredients in them that I appreciate. I really like the high level of krill and the inclusion of some insects like whole crushed silkworm’s pupae and mealworms.

The guaranteed analysis shows that this food has a high protein content, which can be good for those who are looking for it but can be a too high for others.

One thing I am not a fan of is the high ash content. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me though.

Vibra Bites Ingredients List
Vibra Bites Ingredients List

Market Availability

Hikari fish foods are widely available in most pet shops and online which is great. There is a link for buying some from Amazon at the bottom of this review.

My Final Thoughts

Here are my final thoughts for my Hikari Vibra Bites review.

I like the food. Even though a majority of my fish need the food broken down for them, I still appreciate the quality of the ingredients and the fact that all of my fish want to eat it.

I also believe that this is a great option to try for those who have fish that will only eat frozen or live foods. Live and frozen foods can be pricey and difficult to deal with, so if this works it could save you a lot of time and money.

Where to Purchase Hikari Vibra Bites

If you believe this food is something you would like to try, then please consider using the link below to purchase some for yourself. This link is an Amazon Affiliate link and helps to support the blog.

Thanks for reading!

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