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The other week I had been walking through the ‘good ole’ Walmart pet aisle, checking out their fish stuff, as any good aquarium hobbyist would. I stumbled upon this little gem, the Fluker’s Finsect Tropical Fish Food. 

I had never seen the food before, but the ingredients looked great. After a quick Google search, I was unable to find much info on it at all, and of course, no reviews. 

It appears as if this is a new food to the market with little available information. I hope that through this review, I can help some more hobbyists learn about one of my new favorite fish foods.

This review of Fluker’s Finsect Tropical Fish Food is from my personal experience as an aquarium hobbyist.

Fluker's Finsect Tropical Fish Food Crumbles

Do Fish Like the Food?

Yes, currently all of my fish like this food. I did notice that it took them a feeding or two to get used to it though. The current fish I feed are tetras, corydoras, gouramis, apistogramma, guppies, shell-dwelling cichlids, and platys. 

My shrimp also love this food. When you break it down to a powder, it allows the food to spread around and get caught in the bio film around the tank.

Package Sizing and Pricing

There is only one 3oz size available for this food. The price is $6, and for the included ingredients I was quite surprised. It’s a great price for food with no fillers and quality ingredients.

Finsect Tropical Fish Food
Finsect Tropical Fish Food Next To A Dime

Pellet Overview

These pellets are fairly small but are not uniform like a competitor, Hikari Micro Wafers. This can cause problems with sizing it to the proper fish, and, in my opinion, with sinking at a steady rate.

I find my smaller fish are unable to eat it without me breaking it down for them. They will bat it around like a soccer ball or carry it around in their mouth which can be fun to watch. 

One good thing is that some of the pellets will break down into a powder easily with your fingers (see picture below) or after being added to the water. A problem I run into is that some do not like to break down with my fingers and can be quite hard.

I recently bought an old pepper grinder that I repurposed into a fish feeder. I rinsed it out well and added in some of the pellets. It works great for breaking larger pellets into more manageable sizes for my small fish.

When it comes to sinking, these pellets are a little finicky. This is perhaps because of the pellets not being uniform. Some float a bit, while others sink fast, and some just sink slowly. I find a majority of them will sink fast. 

This is one of the few negatives about this food that I can find. Most of the fish I like to feed are top feeders or mid-water feeders and the fast-sinking pellets can be harder for them to eat.

I do notice that once the food is ground up, it seems to float longer and sink slower. Another reason I enjoy the old pepper grinder method.

Food Crumbled Up
Powder comes off pretty easy but some are pretty hard.
Finsect Tropical Fish Food Ingredients
Finsect Tropical Fish Food Ingredients

Ingredient Quality

My favorite thing about this food is the ingredients. The food contains no fillers and has a bunch of quality protein sources listed at the top. It contains multiple bug sources, which are what most fish would be eating in the wild and it contains spirulina, and krill meal which are great to help with coloration in your fish.

Market Availability

Being a newer fish food, I have not seen this food in many places. The only place this can currently be purchased, as far as I know, is Walmart. Thankfully most people who live in America have a Walmart nearby, but if you don’t, I have the link to purchase some for yourself at the bottom of the page.

My Final Verdict

As stated earlier, this is one of my new favorite foods. I love the ingredients and the price is hard to beat. The only negatives I have found for myself are the pellet’s form and availability. 

While I wish the pellets didn’t sink as fast and that they broke down a little easier. I would recommend this food as a fantastic staple for just about any of your aquarium fish or shrimp.

Aquarium Shrimp Eating Food
My shrimp really enjoy this food as well.

Where to Purchase Fluker's Finsect Tropical Fish Food

If you believe this food is something you would like to try, then please consider using the link below for purchasing some for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

I am currently on a mission to build an exhaustive list of reviews on fish foods I have personally tried. Be sure to check out my other fish food reviews here! Also, feel free to leave a comment below on your experience with the food.