Sera O Nip Tabs Review

Sera O Nip Tabs Review

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Note: This Sera O Nip Tabs review is from my own personal use of the food as an aquarium hobbyist.

Sera O Nip Tabs have been around the hobby for a while now. Although Sera did recently update the food to “natural”, the food is still a popular choice amongst hobbyists. They carry a few different versions, but this review will cover the standard freshwater one.

Sera O Nip Tabs Review

Are my fish a fan of the food?

All of my freshwater fish seem to enjoy the Sera O Nip Tabs. Even my bottom dwellers will come up on the glass and try to get some for themselves. While I have yet to find one that doesn’t try to eat some, at times in a highly populated tank a tablet can get overrun. This can cause “weaker” or shy fish to get bullied out of food. Placing another tablet in at the same time can help for these situations.

Package Sizing and Pricing

Sera O Nip Tabs come in multiple sizes from the small 24 pack to the 3.1lb tub. The small pack will cost you around $5 and if for whatever reason you need 3 pounds of the stuff, it will cost you about $100. If you consider using one a day, with the small pack, it would be a little under a month’s worth of food for one tank. Certainly not the cheapest but still not bad.

I personally enjoy using this food more as a treat because of the price. It allows me to view my fish better up front at the glass. A pack of food can go a bit longer this way and I consider it worth the price for the added benefit.

Sera O Nip Tabs Packaging

Tablet Overview

Sera O Nip Tablets are kind of unique in their design which allows them to stick to the glass or acrylic of your aquarium. This means that your fish will be tempted to come up to the front of the glass for feeding and better viewing. This is a great way to check in on your fish’s health and can be a lot of fun to watch.

You may of course use these as sinking tablets, but the food is designed to break into very small pieces. Once the food has been in the tank for a few minutes it can break down rather quickly. When at the bottom of the tank it can easily get stuck in your substrate where most fish won’t bother. I prefer to place it on the glass and allowing it to slowly sink down. This gives the fish a good amount of time to eat it.

Perhaps the biggest negatives to Sera O Nip Tabs are the size. If you have a smaller group of fish in your aquarium, you may want to break the tablets up into smaller pieces. The problem is that they may not stick as long, but this will help keep you from producing too much waste in the tank. 

If you decide to use the whole tablet, be careful not to leave the tablet in the tank too long. You should remove Sera O Nip Tabs if you notice your fish are no longer interested in eating it. The time can vary depending on how many fish you have and how hungry they are. 


Ingredient Quality

The ingredients are pretty good compared to other fish foods. It contains a decent amount of krill which I really like and it also has bloodworms, which isn’t very common. The protein level is at about 37 percent which isn’t bad. If you are good with the price, you could probably feed this as a staple in your fish’s diet.

Sera O Nip Tabs Ingredients English

Market Availability

Sera O Nip Tabs are widely available online and in most pet shops. They are a little more unique of a product, but I have seen them in big box store recently as well. There is a link for buying some from Amazon at the bottom of this review.

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My Final Thoughts

Here are my final thoughts on Sera O Nip Tabs. 

First of all, I think the O Nip Tabs are a great option for most aquarium owners. My tropical fish I have owned over the years enjoy them and I’m sure yours will too. The ingredients are also pretty good and offer a quality diet.

Secondly, they can be a bit pricey, but if you are using them as a “once in a while” food, they can last you a while. The larger sizes can help you get a little more for your money.

Lastly, the food is simply fun to feed. Watching all of your fish come up to the glass is exciting. If you have a bunch of tetras or guppies you really have to feed this at some point, in my opinion. The swarming of the glass is really something to behold.

Where to Purchase Sera O Nip Tabs

If you believe this food is something you would like to try, feel free to use the link below to purchase some for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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