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This review of Hikari Micro Pellets is from my personal experience as an aquarium hobbyist.

Recently while I have been testing some different fish foods I stumbled across Hikari’s Micro Wafers. I really enjoyed the food but found that the wafers were too big for most of the community fish that I kept. When I realized that Hikari had the Micro Pellets that were supposed to be smaller, I went ahead and bought some to test.

Do Fish Like the Food?

Yes, currently all of my fish like this food. I have a variety of fish that I feed including Tetras, Corydoras, Gouramis, Apistogramma, Guppies, Shell-Dwelling Cichlids, and Platys. I posted a video above of the first time feeding some of my Platys and my community tank.

Hikari Micro Pellets Review

Package Sizing and Pricing

I have found that Hikari fish foods are not the cheapest foods available on the market, with the Hikari Micro Pellets being one of their more expensive offerings. A .77oz pack with cost you about $6. That’s about $7 an ounce, ouch! The food also comes in some larger sizes, the 1.58oz, and the 2.2lb bag. Multipack purchases are available online as well and should help you save a little.

The cost is a little high compared to other fish foods on the market, but I believe the quality is also a step up compared to most mainstream brands.

Pellet Overview

These pellets are definitely smaller than their cousin the Hikari Micro Wafers.  I find them to be a great size for most tropical fish that I feed and can even be a possible food for some juvenile fish. You may notice in the video I posted above that the baby fish were trying to eat the full-size pellets.

Another nice aspect to the pellets is that they are easy to break up into a finer food if needed. This makes the size very flexible for even smaller fish.

These pellets are a semi-floating. This means that they will float for a little bit and then sink slowly. I find them to be fairly reliable in their floating time and sinking speed. They should float longer in you crush them into a powder for smaller fish.

Hikari Micro Pellets Next to a Dime
Hikari Micro Pellets Next to a Dime
Hikari Micro Pellets Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis
Hikari Micro Pellets Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis

Ingredient Quality

Hikari seems to do a very good job with the ingredients in most of their foods. Hikari Micro Pellets are no exception. The food contains fish meal and krill meal as its first main ingredients. The rest of the ingredients are fairly standard as well, with vitamins being added to round it out.

It is hard with most fish foods when you see fish meal as the main ingredient, because of the wide range of things that it can mean. It could be whole fish being ground up, or just parts of the fish. I believe that Hikari uses a higher quality fish meal which in turn brings the higher price tag. This is why other cheaper foods, like the TetraMin Plus flake food, can keep their cost so low.

The second ingredient, krill, is also a quality protein source, color enhancer, and feeding enticer. It’s great to see as the number two ingredient in the food.

Market Availability

Hikari Micro Pellets are widely available in most fish shops and online retailers. Amazon is an easy source if you don’t have anywhere near you. I have an Amazon affiliate link at the end of the page if you would like to order some for yourself.

My Final Thoughts

I truly enjoy Hikari fish foods. In testing, the micro pellets have become one of my favorites the company currently has to offer.

The problem is the cost. If you only have a few smaller fish to feed then I would highly recommend giving Hikari Micro Pellets a try. However, if you have a lot of tanks or primarily bigger fish, then they may not be for you because of the higher price tag. If you are looking for a quality smaller pellet food that is cheaper, consider checking out Fluker’s new Finsect food.

Gold Molly Fish

Where to Purchase Hikari Micro Pellets

If you believe this food is something you would like to try, then please consider using the affiliate link below for purchasing some for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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