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Note: This Sera Micron Fry Food review is from my own personal experience as an aquarium hobbyist.

Apart from Hikari First Bites, Sera Micron may be the most popular commercial fry food in the world. It comes nicely packed in a compact .8oz (25 gram) jar with a nice tight-fitting lid. The food is personally one of my favorite commercial fry foods and in my review below I will hopefully explain why.

Sera Micron Fry Food

Do baby fish like the food?

Yes, my fish will all eagerly try to eat Sera Micron. Even the bigger fish will give it a try but because it is so small they don’t seem to get much out of it. Something to remember is that not all baby fish like to eat non-live foods. This can be a problem for some difficult-to-raise fry, but for most common fish in the hobby, this is still a great option. If you seem to have a problem with them not eating prepared foods you may want to try baby brine shrimp, green water, or a well-seasoned tank with things like infusoria.

Package Sizing and Pricing

Sera Micron comes in one size, an .8 oz jar, and will cost you about $7. Compared to Hikari First Bites, the price is cheaper for how much you get. Also, keep in mind that fry food can last a long time depending on how many fish you are feeding. Be careful not to overfeed the powder as this can foul the water.

Sera Micron Powder
Sera Micron Powder

A Look at the Powder

I’m not sure about the exact size of the powder, but I will say that it seems smaller than Hikari First Bites, which is already very small. In the picture I took to the left, you can see that the particles are barely noticeable. I would trust this to be an edible size for most fish fry. 

On another note, the powder is designed to slowly sink. However, because of its incredibly small size, I find it tends to float for a while. I like mixing some in water outside the tank and then target feeding the babies with a turkey baster. If you have a smaller setup or a well-seasoned tank, you can just dab a little on the surface and let it slowly sink and float around the tank. Both can be effective ways to feed.

Ingredient Quality

I really appreciate the ingredients that are found in the Sera Micron food. The first four ingredients are all solid protein sources. They are spirulina (51%), krill (18%), brine shrimp, and fish meal. This brings the protein percentage to about 55% which is pretty good. You will want some of that extra protein to help the newly growing fish.

There could perhaps be an argument made on how useful spirulina truly is with freshwater aquarium fish. But in my opinion, it has been a main stay in the hobby for a number of years for a reason. I believe this is also a great food to add into other foods like Repashy Grub Pie because of its high spirulina content. This can help bring in some other quality ingredients to the foods you already feed.

Sera Micron Ingredients
Sera Micron Ingredients

Market Availability

Sera Micron is fairly widespread in its availability in the U.S., and around the world. You can find it on most online retailer’s websites and even in some big box pet stores. Local fish shops are always a great option as well.

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My Final Thoughts

If you are on the hunt for quality commercial fry food to try for your newborn fish, I highly recommend trying Sera Micron. It’s affordable, uses quality ingredients, and fish seem to enjoy it. It may even be a food you try for some micro fish you are keeping, shrimp and their babies, or even to try mixing in with some other foods you feed. I believe the food is a wonderful and versatile option for many hobbyists.

Where to Purchase Sera Micron Fry Food

If you believe this food is something you would like to try, then please consider using the link below for purchasing some for yourself. This link is an Amazon Affiliate link and helps to support the blog.

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