Zoo Med Betta Pellets Review

Zoo Med Betta Pellets Review

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This review of Zoo Med Betta Pellets is from my personal use of the product and is written from a hobbyist perspective.

Zoo Med has many different betta products out there on the market. A lot of betta products in fact. You would think that their food would have to be great. But is it really that great? No. But it’s not terrible either. My review below will hopefully explain my position well as I cover the pros and cons of the food.

Red Betta

Do Fish Like the Food?

Yes, my red veil tail betta (Balky) likes the food, but the pellet was so large I was surprised he got it down. But I suppose the flavor is enticing enough so the food can get one point.

Zoo Med Betta Pellets Size Comparison

Package Sizing and Pricing

Zoo Med sells two sizes for their betta pellets, but I generally only see the .65 oz size. The .65 oz jar will cost you about $5, which is fair for most betta foods. The container should last you a while for one betta. The smaller size does come with a scoop that I really like though. See below for more.

Pellet Overview

Here is where I have some serious problems with the food. It is a similar problem that I have found with other foods, like Aqueon’s standard betta pellets. The pellets are far too large!

As you can see in my poor picture of Balky eating one of these, he is carrying it around like a soccer ball. I was surprised and a little worried when he was able to get it down. I can’t figure out why these companies think this size is acceptable for most bettas. If you have a large betta these may be useful for you but otherwise it’s a pass for me.

As far as the pellets floating properly, they do the job.

Betta Eating Zoo Med Betta Pellet
Balky Carrying a Pellet
Zoo Med Betta Pellets Ingredients
Zoo Med Betta Pellets Ingredients

Ingredient Quality

Yes, I strongly dislike the pellet size, but the ingredients seem to be decent. The main protein sources are fish meal and squid meal. The food also has a decent amount of krill which I really appreciate. This can help with the red color in your fish.

Otherwise, the food has the standard binders and vitamins added. The food should provide the basic nutrition your betta would need if it can get the food down safely.


Despite not liking the food, this is perhaps my favorite packaging for fish food on the market. (Note the pictures are of a sample pack. I have used the standard container in the past.) I recently reviewed Seachem’s Betta Food and enjoyed its unique bottle style, but this one beats it out.

Maybe it’s just a personal preference, but there is something relaxing about taking the lid on and off. I also enjoy the scoop that comes with the smaller size if you can find it. It is handy for not touching the food and feeding the right portions. You can also buy their treat circle to get the spoon, but I don’t recommend the treats, so it’s a waste of money.

Market Availability

Zoo Med products are widely available in the US. You can find their food in most pet shops and online rather easily.

My Final Thoughts

I find this food fairly easy to summarize. 

Do not buy it unless you have a large betta. That’s pretty much it.

One exception for purchase is if you want the spoon. Then I recommend the smaller container.

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Where to Purchase Zoo Med Betta Pellets

If you believe this food is something you would like to try, then please consider using the affiliate link below for purchasing some for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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